The Path of Aloha
begins within you

The Path of Aloha
begins within you


Aloha and welcome! I look forward to sharing with you the way of enlightenment and healing known as the Path of Aloha. This path is deeply rooted in the traditional wisdom and aloha of nā kūpuna – the elders and ancestors of Hawai‘i.

Experiencing aloha in the most profound meaning of the word is knowing deep peace and bliss. It is being filled with the direct experience of the life-force that is constantly unfolding within us. This is aloha – primordial, unconditional love expressing itself as the universal creative force, the vibrant wellspring of existence. As we direct our attention inward, we are immersed in Spirit and connected to our infinite source.

The practice of focusing our awareness in meditation on the aloha arising within us is known as ‘Ōkupu – “to put forth new growth, or to come into being in the manner of clouds, which may appear as if from nowhere, without source or cause.”

With gratitude and aloha, I am privileged to offer:

  • private healing sessions for body, mind, and spirit, blending the Hawaiian traditions of Lā‘au Kāhea, Huaka‘i Akakū, Ho‘oponopono, as well as modern hypnotherapy, and more
  • blessings and ceremonies, including weddings, house blessings, and more
  • talks, classes, and workshops – ‘Ōlelo A‘o Loko – to raise awareness of aloha as a spiritual path and to help prepare for and support the experience of meditation
  • ‘Ōkupu meditation
  • traditional Hawaiian music (guitar and vocals)

These practices bring us insight, inspiration, mindfulness, deep relaxation, the revival/attunement/alignment of our ancient, ancestral, Earth-connected consciousness, and deep peace. They clarify our authentic insights and bring them out into our lives.

The Path of Aloha supports the health and unification of body, mind, and spirit, and is beneficial to practitioners of Yoga, Chi Kung, Reiki, martial arts, and other disciplines and forms of inner work. It also enhances the creativity of artists, musicians, dancers, writers, actors, healers, helpers, athletes, organizers, and most importantly, all those seeking to live each moment with awareness and creativity.

I invite you to join me in a joyous and transformational journey into our radiant spiritual essence, the vibrant wellspring of life-force that empowers our existence.

Me ke aloha pumehana,

Pili Moreno

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Exploring the Path

To feel aloha, to express aloha, to be aloha – this is our goal. It is as human as hope, as universal as breath – but the path to that goal shifts and changes throughout the ages, evolving to suit our needs, our worldviews, our cultures, our archetypes. At every moment, the path lies right beneath our feet, awaiting only the conscious step, the commitment to move forward in love and awareness…

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Healing Arts

“Ola” means “health” and “life”. To be healthy is to be whole and balanced. This is our true condition – we are naturally lōkahi (uniquely individual, yet one with all existence) and pono (in harmony, balance, and proper relationship with all beings and with the spiritual and physical worlds).

Pili offers private sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern Oregon. Sessions are uniquely aligned to the needs of the individual. His work is characterized by deep relaxation, inspiring visions, and a sense of renewed clarity, vitality, and purpose…

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Pili is an experienced ceremonialist, performing joyous and meaningful weddings and various other blessing ceremonies, including book launches, house blessings, and consecrations of festivals and other events.

Pili is frequently asked to perform ceremonies based on Hawaiian culture and tradition, and has also incorporated elements honoring Japanese, Mexican, Jewish, Italian, Filipino, Buddhist, Hindu, Earth-centered, and other traditions.

He is happy to work with you to create a ceremony that is powerful, meaningful, and transformative…

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Hawaiian Music

Pili is skilled in traditional Hawaiian music, including slack key guitar (kī hō‘alu) and vocals, and has performed solo, with Hawaiian bands, and with a number of award-winning hula troupes at concerts, hula competitions, festivals, and Hawaiian gatherings of all sorts on the West Coast and in Hawai‘i.

Pili approaches Hawaiian music with the same dedication, focus, and respect that he brings to his work as a healer and spiritual teacher…

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About Pili

Pili (Lyn ‘Unihipiliowailelepualu Moreno) is a healer, kumu (teacher), ceremonialist, and musician. He has almost 50 years of experience on the path of healing and enlightenment…

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Some comments about Pili’s healing work and ceremonies: “passion and dedication…”, “honesty and warmth…”, “patience, caring expertise…”, “brought out something beautiful…”, “the marriage ceremony was just perfect…”, “phenomenal healing…”, “catapulted me into a higher vibration…”

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Selected events from Pili’s schedule of talks, classes, workshops, and concerts…

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Pili’s guide to some important Hawaiian cultural resources: the sounds, words, and sights of Hawai‘i, online and in hand…

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