Healing Arts

Healing Arts

Ke Ola

“Ola” means “health” and “life”. To be healthy is to be in harmony and balance. This is our true condition – we are naturally lōkahi (one with all existence, yet uniquely individual) and pono (in harmony, balance, and proper relationship with all beings and with the spiritual and physical worlds). Body, mind, and spirit are one, and are inherently interconnected with all that is. Ola (health) is simply harmony, balance, and connectedness – our natural state of being.

The ultimate goal of all Hawaiian healing and spiritual work is to restore lōkahi and pono. When we embrace our unified and harmonious nature, we enable the flow of mana (spiritual energy or life-force) that naturally arises from our spiritual core.

Mākia Ho‘ōla

the aim of the healer

The healer is our guide on the path of healing, helping us as we remove obstacles to our growth and restore harmony in the multitude of relationships that define our place within our world. In this way we can return to our natural state of lōkahi, pono, and free-flowing mana.

Private Sessions

Pili offers in-person private sessions in the Bay Area and Southern Oregon, as well as distance sessions anywhere, via FaceTime or Skype. The process is uniquely aligned to the needs of the individual. His work is characterized by deep relaxation, inspiring visions, and a sense of renewed clarity, vitality, and purpose.

For decades, Pili has been helping people from around the world to:

  • engage and empower their bodiesʼ primal healing wisdom
  • restore harmony of body, mind, and spirit
  • clarify goals
  • enhance creativity
  • build confidence and self-esteem
  • make important decisions and enhance the results of previous decisions
  • prepare for and recover from surgery
  • explore past lives and earlier eras of the present life
  • resolve long-standing issues and remove blocks
  • aid in relaxation and dealing with stress
  • support the practice of Yoga, Chi Kung, Reiki, martial arts, and other disciplines and forms of inner work
  • support and empower the various forms of natural healing (massage, acupuncture, etc.)
  • enhance the experiences of gratitude and awe, known both in Hawaiian tradition and modern science as vital to physical health and spiritual well-being
  • support physical fitness and athletic skill
  • enhance all forms of spiritual practice and conscious evolution
  • increase the ability to love and be loved

Please see below for fuller descriptions of the elements that contribute to Pili’s work.

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‘Ano Hana Ho‘ōla

healing arts

Pili incorporates a spectrum of processes that are gentle, powerful, and empowered by aloha, drawing on the richness of the ancestral ways while answering our needs as evolving beings living in the ever-changing modern world.

These processes play an important and integral role in supporting our continuing spiritual practice and conscious evolution, supporting our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and clearing the way for the experience of meditation.

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Lā‘au Kāhea

calling on Spirit for healing

Kāhea means “to call”. In Lā‘au Kāhea, the healer calls the spirits of the body – of the blood, the bone, the organs, the muscles, the nervous system – to return in their archetypal, optimal form and, with the help of the spirits of the ancestors and of nature, to restore ola, lōkahi, and pono.

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In Western terms, we might say that Lā‘au Kāhea accesses the primal patterns of health and wholeness that exist as archetypal wisdom in the deep ancestral realms of our genetic structure.

As your Lā‘au Kāhea session begins, you will hear the sound of the ‘ohe hano ihu (Hawaiian bamboo flute) inviting you to begin your journey into deep relaxation. Pili guides you deeper into Huaka‘i Akakū (see below), then offers chants and prayers aligned with mana energy healing, to call upon the help of Spirit. Your journey continues with the unfolding of new realizations, integrations, and inspirations.

An important aspect of Lā‘au Kāhea is Waihā (energized healing breath). Waihā applies the healing mana (spiritual energy or life-force) of breath, concentrated and amplified by the mākia (intention), ‘ike (perception), mana‘o (conception), and aloha (compassion) of the healer.

The effects of Lā‘au Kāhea, combined with Huaka‘i Akakū, (below) include deep relaxation, inspiring visions, and a sense of renewed clarity, vitality, and purpose.

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Huaka‘i Akakū

journey of the spirit

Mai ka Pō ke Ao – from the Night is born the Day. From the inner world, the world of Spirit, comes the world of our daily reality, the world of light. The shamans and healers of our ancestors, from the most ancient times to the present day, have ventured within on journeys of discovery, and then, as kukui (guides of light), have led others on their own vision quests. By walking the pathways of we discover authentic inspiration and remove the stones of darkness that come, over time, to fill the bowls of light we carry with us when we are born into this world.

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Huaka‘i means “journey”.  Akakū resonates with ideas of vision, reflection, trance, and the living human spirit itself.

Huaka‘i Akakū is a journey filled with remarkable freedom, insight, and creativity. We travel through the hidden world of the subconscious (the body-mind) to a place of deep, nurturing relaxation where we can deepen our perceptions of ourselves and the world, replenish, renew, and increase our mana, clear blocks associated with past trauma, enhance our creativity and intuition, and clarify and strengthen our intentions.

Huaka‘i Akakū offers the opportunity to meet and communicate with spirit guides, ancestors, and guardians, and to reintegrate our modern minds with our ancient, ancestral, Earth-connected consciousness (sometimes called the “indigenous mind”).

The primal, universal, and holistic state discovered in Huaka‘i Akakū becomes a matrix for profound and wide-ranging healing, inspiration, and evolution.

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restoring harmony & balance in relationships

In the Hawaiian way of looking at life, we are each made whole by our relationships – each one flourishing within the embrace of ‘ohana (family). The traditional Hawaiian family shares everything – life, health, transitions, blessings – with aloha, and in the state of pono. Pono is harmony, balance, and proper relationship. When a family or group falls out of pono, Ho‘oponopono is there to bring healing by restoring what is right to its rightness. Ho‘oponopono is a very specific and structured process of group conflict resolution led by a haku (usually a family elder or a healer such as Pili).

“Ke kala aku nei au iā‘oe, a pēlā noho‘i au e kala ‘ia mai ai.”

“I unbind you from the fault, and thus may I also be unbound from it.”

The ability of Ho‘oponopono to forge reconciliation and restore pono lies in the power of aloha and the traditional values of gratitude, appreciation, and respect, as well as the willingness of the participants to look deeply, sincerely, and honestly inside themselves – to see beyond ‘ohaohala (half-truths and self-serving interpretations) to ‘oia‘i‘o (the heart of the truth).

The word Ho‘oponopono has now come to be used for various practices, including some that have little or nothing to do with Hawaiian tradition. Authentic traditional Ho‘oponopono is not essentially about apology and forgiveness, but about deep clarity, honesty, and the willingness to recognize and take responsibility for one’s actions, intentions, and viewpoints – good and bad. Apology, forgiveness, and restoration may be necessary for pani (closure) to take place, but the seeds of gratitude, appreciation, respect, and aloha that the participants bring to the work are what make Ho‘oponopono possible. Those seeds take root and flourish as the process goes on, finally blossoming in the return to pono.

Ho‘oponopono Sessions

Traditional Ho‘oponopono for Families or Groups
  • Traditional Ho‘oponopono conflict resolution sessions
  • One or more sessions may be required, varying from a few hours to multiple days
  • Structured sessions, led by Pili, progressing through phases such as pooling resources, sharing mana‘o (thoughts and feelings), resolution though acknowledgment and forgiveness, and closure and reaffirmation of relationship
  • Participants must be prepared for honest self-examination and to take responsibility or offer forgiveness as appropriate.
For Families, Groups, or Individuals

As we move forward on The Path of Aloha, one important step is simply cultivating the ability to recognize our authentic thoughts, feelings, and motivations.

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The wisdom and principles of Ho‘oponopono are of immense value, not only for groups who seek to resolve conflict, but for each of us who wishes to gain deeper awareness and remove obstacles to our continuing spiritual growth and evolution.

We are part of an interconnected web of life, and our spiritual growth and evolution can only occur as part of that journey of embodiment. This understanding is reflected in Hawaiian tradition. Ho‘oponopono can teach us about resolving personal issues and removing inner obstacles, but always with the awareness that we are in relationship with a universe of other real, living beings.

In all of his work on The Path of Aloha – healing sessions with individuals, ceremonies and blessings, lectures, workshops, music, and more – Pili draws upon the wisdom and principles of Ho‘oponopono while respecting the integrity of the traditional process.

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‘Ōlelo A‘o Loko

inspired talks, discussions, and counseling

‘Ōlelo A‘o Loko means “to speak from innermost inspiration”. It is a form of intuitive communication that calls upon the self-knowledge of the listener and the inspired observations of the teacher.

As we prepare for our journeys, ‘Ōlelo A‘o Loko clarifies our authentic wishes and aspirations. As our journeys continue, ‘Ōlelo A‘o Loko integrates the worlds of and Ao, bringing our discoveries and insights back from the realm of Spirit to the world of daily existence.

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song and chant

Woven throughout the healing process is mele (song or chant). In ancient Hawai‘i, all learning was safeguarded and passed down in the form of chants. Now, Pili uses his skills in traditional Hawaiian music to call upon the blessings of the ancestors and your own body’s healing wisdom, and to enhance and deepen your journeys into the inner realms.

Services to be provided do not include the practice of medicine, as the practitioner is not a licensed physician. These services are non-diagnostic, and are complementary to the healing arts services that are licensed by the state. No medications will be prescribed.

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