Suzanne Mathis McQueen

“I had a phenomenal healing session this afternoon with Pili. I’ve always known him as a powerful Hawaiian ceremonialist (he performed a book blessing for me and my author friends at my book launch event) and as a musician for Kumu Pekelo Day and us hula dancers, but to experience his healing practice – I now know and think of him as a shaman. WOW. I’m so honored to know the gifts this man possesses and shares. Well-rounded aloha, mana, and alignment. That’s hard to come by.”

Suzanne Mathis McQueen / author of 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks: Awakening the Power, Wisdom, and Beauty in Every Woman’s Nature

Natalie D'Onofrio riding a horse on the beach'

“Pili has now graced two events for me with true reverence and sacredness. His intention and love for what he does is felt. All who attended rave about his presence, voice and message. We look forward to having him back at our yoga studio.”

Natalie D'Onofrio / founder and yoga teacher at Coastside Yoga Collective, equine therapist at Listen to the Horses, Half Moon Bay, California

Kaleo Ching

“With patience, caring expertise, and the spirit of aloha, Pili guided me on an inner journey. Claude Monet met me at the garden’s gate and welcomed me into a realm of colors, fragrances, composition and textures. This encounter was a turning point for me. It inspired me to take risks and led me to make breakthrough discoveries in the joyous adventure of painting and creativity.”

Kaleo Ching / artist, healer, Chi Kung teacher, co-author of Faces of Your Soul, Chi and Creativity, and The Creative Art of Living, Dying, and Renewal

“Mahalo nui loa, Pili, for blessing the best day of our lives! The marriage ceremony was just perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Your personal touches, your spirit, your kind words… everything fell right into place.”

Theresa & David / Kalaheo, Hawai‘i

“We were so lucky to find you! Your mindful, gracious and attentive guidance provided a framework for our magical wedding ceremony. We appreciate all the time and energy you obviously committed to get to know us, to listen to our goals and dreams, and to integrate your experience and creativity into the day. Our joy, excitement, and love for each other, our families and friends was expressed with honesty and warmth through your words, music and actions. Thank you Pili.”

Jorgen & Pamela / Berkeley, California

“As a hula dancer, telling the stories of Hawai‘i through the dance of hula is a passion and a joy. But the influence of my Western culture can get my nerves jangling when I’m dancing these stories in public! Pili introduced me to the goddess Laka, took me on a journey with her, and helped me ground the intention I strive to bring out via dance.”

Lisa / physician, Ashland, Oregon

“We want you to know that we loved the ceremony so much and are very glad we found you. We appreciate your passion and the dedication you put forth for our wedding… It really means a lot to us that you gave us a meaningful ceremony… Thank you again. Aloha! Mahalo!

Raelaine & Nik / Palo Alto, California

Setsuko Yano

“In that wonderful inner journey you led me on, you brought out something beautiful from my deep inner core that I can embrace for the rest of my life. My sincere gratitude for that great afternoon with you.”

Setsuko Yano / therapist, Honolulu, Hawai‘i & Tokyo, Japan

“Wonderful! The Hawaiian healing work was awesome. Pili is great and sweet and wise. A gentle experience.”

Laurie / San Francisco, California

“I really enjoyed the vast imageries and visions and feelings that Pili painted on my canvas, and the gift of his beautiful voice.”

Debora / Novato, California

Pualeilani Kahananui

“I wish to thank you for our Hawaiian blessing to my home. Since my father, who would give such blessings, lives so far away, I was pleased to have been given the gift of having you do the blessing. I have grown up learning by my fatherʼs example and stories of why he would bless homes when asked. Asking for protection among other reasons, for my daughters mostly, was a big deal for me. You doing so brought me peace of mind.

Since our home blessing, our environment continues to be peaceful, comfortable and safe. If I ever move, I will definitely call upon you again. Mahalo nui!”

Kumu Hula Pualeilani Kahananui / alaka‘i (assistant teacher) at Hālau Hula O Nā Pua O Hawai‘i Nei, Eugene & Ashland, Oregon

Talicia Brown, LMT

“I first met Pili, a stunningly accomplished Hawaiian musician, at Aloha Friday in Eugene a number of months ago. When I learned he was doing private traditional Hawaiian healing sessions the next day, something deep in my soul said, ‘yes’.

Pili is truly one of the most gifted healers I have seen, and his work catapulted me into a higher vibration of healing through a particularly difficult and dark time of my life.

If this work calls out to you, if the soul of the ‘āina, the land of Hawai‘i, calls to you, or a re-connection to ancient Hawaiian culture through song, chant, and meditation – centuries old indigenous ways of healing and soul-cleansing – then give Pili a call.”

Talicia Brown, LMT / Harmony Massage & Integrative Manual Therapies, Eugene, Oregon

“We really want to thank you for putting every piece of our wedding ceremony together beautifully, and for having such a great, open mind to the world! The ceremony came out perfectly because of your spirit!”

Claudia & Warren / San Francisco, California

Sandi Morey

“I have had several sessions with Pili and I have found them to be invaluable in my life. I had a series of sessions with him when I was in chemotherapy for breast cancer. It was a very frightening time for me and he gave me some techniques to visualize healing and to relax which I found very helpful. I came through the whole experience quite well and it really wasn’t that bad.

“Later Pili helped me with memorization. I am a singer and often have to learn long complicated pieces in a foreign language. I find this quite difficult and I often feel pressured by the time constraints I have. While I was working on memorization, I was also worrying about having a lot to do in the other parts of my life, but thought I would do another session about that at another time. What I was delighted to find was that the session I had also seemed to make me more relaxed about the topics I deferred. I felt very refreshed from my session. I did memorize what I needed to with less stress about it. Pili’s technique includes visualizations that make for a tiny vacation. They are like going away to some very nice place without really leaving home.”

Sandi Morey / musician, Oakland, California

“I had a long history of nervous behavior when interviewing for jobs and had recently been videotaped in a sample interview. What I saw on that videotape did nothing to calm my nerves. So I worked with Pili to correct this nervous behavior and help me project an air of calm confidence. The results were beyond my wildest expectations! During the interview, I was poised, confident, and able to handle all of the tough interview questions. My second interview was even better! I felt more relaxed than I could even have imagined, and was able to project complete confidence. Pili’s incredible talent for this therapy was the miracle I needed to begin my job search in earnest.”

Marilyn – musician, writer / San Jose, California

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